Now and Then

Hi all.

Welcome to the slightly improved New West We’re now on Facebook, so give us a quick like. I’m still on twitter as always too. But now, what’s happening with Impulse?

Well, I got laid off from my day job. So that dented things. But during that time I realised that the game as it stood was too simplistic, too boring. I had a choice ahead of me – work had for a month and crank out a quick release, which would go precisely nowhere, or switch to a new platform, modify the plot significantly and have a game that people will actually enjoy.

Naturally, I chose number two. I’m now developing with Unity, as it allows me a little more freedom in what I want to achieve. The plot has been entirely reworked, and is almost unrecognisable! Some of the main character’s personalities are the same, some have changed a little.

I’m really excited to share more, but there’s a long road ahead as I build a new alpha version, and secure a platform for the game’s release.

Stay in touch on Twitter, and occasionally on Twitch for a dev update!

Kieran – New West Games

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