Soundtrack Research

So writing a videogame soundtrack is very new to me, yet a very exciting proposition! As I compose for it, I’d love to share with you some inspiration, and how I’m making musical decisions.

So for the band themselves, this is fairly easy. Write some great indie rock music! But when it comes to incidental music, it’s a little harder. How do I write a piece that can convey frustration, or depression and despair when the group have their investigation go cold?

For that last one, this track is helping me a lot –

It’s really working to get that sense of helplessness, no end in sight and set the feeling for the group when they feel like that. On the flip side, how do I create tension, adrenaline rush as the band chase down a hot lead on the killer?

Something like this from the Snatcher OST could work really well! But now how about something with a little foreshadowing, but a great conversational / investigative piece?

Yup, this piano based piece from Danganronpa work really well, as it should being a similar type of game.

I have to consider all of these things while writing music. I had a setback when I broke my wrist (which made playing guitar and piano quite impossible) but now it’s on the mend I can think of this sort of thing again. It’s the next big thing on my list to knock out of the park – a good solid 6 song start to the OST.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing with your indie game, or if you have any thoughts on the OELVN or other adventure type games you like to play. Hit me up on twitter @newwestgames

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