A Wild Postmorten Appears!

Hi everyone.

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts seeing as AWCA has been on sale for a week. The Steam reviews are mixed, and that reflects exactly how I feel about it.

To answer some common questions – Yes this was made for a game jam, yes it was rushed out, yes some of the artwork sucks. yes the script needed a lot more development.

Phew, that feels better! However, I’ve been happy with the amount of attention the game got. One of the main points for a quick launch was practice – practice communicating with the media, sending out demo codes, seeing how Steam works as a platform so I can be fully prepared when Impulse finishes development. And in this way, it was a roaring success.

However, is AWCA the type of game I’d like to play? No, I’d likely have the same complaints. Which is why today I’m announcing a complete remake, in a brand new engine that will support Windows, Mac, iPhone and yes, finally Android too.

Development for Impulse remains a priority, so don’t expect the new release overnight. But it is coming.

Kieran – NewWestGames

One thought on “A Wild Postmorten Appears!

  1. For what it was, I did enjoy a Wild Cat Girl Appears. Considering it was made for a short time for the yuri game jam, I can also understand how some of it turned out. As you found out, though, when you start charging money for something, may people’s expectations definitely increase. Of course, if it had been free, there would still be complaints.

    I am glad you are going to go with a different engine. Unity can be fine, but from the 3-4 offerings I’ve seen use it for Visual Novels, it isn’t a good choice.


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