AWCA – Update 1

So, as to be transparent, I thought I’d share what’s happening with the AWCA remake.


Currently I’m in the middle of ending re-writes. The main bulk of the script has been tidied up, and a few extra scenes added, but I wanted the players to get a real sense of what it’s like to fall in love with each of the characters, and really get to know them a little more. It won’t go super in depth but expect about 15-20 minutes of addition per character.


As you can see, the UI has been completely overhauled. The game runs at 720p standard resolution (due to limitations with the original sprites) but will upscale / downscale to your native resolution. The game will open in windowed mode, with a fullscreen toggle.


As you can see there are some new backgrounds as well. Wherever possible, I’ll be phasing out old, low res backgrounds.


In addition, the soundtrack is getting a bit of an overhaul too. Expect a lot more variety.


So as you can see, it’ll be a much more complete experience.


Also as promised is a skip option, as well as upgraded save capacity to 5 slots, plus a quick save/load.

Lastly, I know CG’s and special event images were particularly… not good. So, I’m happy to share a sneak peak of some of the new artwork in progress!


As I’m sure you’ll agree, this will all add up to making AWCA a better game, as a whole. The game I really wanted to make.

Lastly, some tech stuff. This will support 32 bit builds, achievements and trading cards. This will also come with a MAC release, but as of yet no Linux support. In addition, this will replace the current iPhone version and also support iPad and Android!

As for timelines, it’s hard to say as artwork takes time. I will of course update you as soon as I can!

Kieran – NewWestGames

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