Future Titles!

Holy crap, website. It’s been a very long time. A VERY long time.

So, here’s an update I shared with my Patrons a while ago. Those lucky folk always get the news before anyone else.

Main Character Simulator is back! I have an outside artist working on it, so I’m excited to see the project finally come to fruition! More when I get it.

Ecchi Sketch patch work is underway! The audio is now cut up, and the art completed. I’m hoping to find some time over this coming weekend to get this wrapped up.

-A new project! The script is now (mostly) finished for a game I’m calling Frequent Flier: LDR (Long Distance Romance). It’s a semi-autobiographical story based on a long distance relationship.

Lastly, Monthly Games! These will take the form of short (Think 15-20 min length) sexy encounters, based on voting by current Patrons! Looks like the first game is shaping up to be somewhat Catgirl related. These games may appear elsewhere in due time, but once again, always check on Patreon for first access!

Thanks girls n guys, I’m excited for what the future may hold!


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