August update – Ramping up + Mechanics

Hello world, I wanted to share some progress updates with you. As of right now, I’ve been working full time on Impulse, gearing up for some special events in September with the launch of our Kickstarter, a demo and full trailer! Right now I’m programming in the mechanics of the game, preparing for Voice Acting by finalizingContinue reading “August update – Ramping up + Mechanics”

Steins Gate + Impulse Updates

Hello all! So recently I started playing Steins Gate, which is commonly regarded as a great visual novel. I have to admit, the first hour or so really hasn’t grabbed my attention. Maybe it’s the main character having this off the wall, totally eccentric personality that doesn’t quite vibe with me. Maybe it’s the factContinue reading “Steins Gate + Impulse Updates”

Welcome to New West Games

Hello everyone, and welcome to New West Games. We’re an indie development house based out of New Westminster, BC (That’s Canada, folks) and we’re excited to share some details of our upcoming game Impulse which we hope to be able to publish in early 2016. This game is being developed using the Unity engine, andContinue reading “Welcome to New West Games”

Music for Impulse.

Hey everyone. In terms of the music for the game, we’re currently in the songwriting phase. This means though these aren’t final versions, or recorded professionally as yet, they do give some indication on the awesome soundtrack we’ve envisioned for Impulse here at New West Games. Indie game development can rock sometimes! Enjoy this demo,Continue reading “Music for Impulse.”

Anje, Alana and Joe reveals!

Hey all! So originally Impulse was known as Just like Heaven, and was a more traditional VN with a vastly different storyline. Why all the changes? A little community feedback led me to realise it was all a bit… boring. So instead, here’s some concept art for you showing 2 (as yet) unused characters, AnjeContinue reading “Anje, Alana and Joe reveals!”