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Welcome to NWG - Stories Live Here

NWG has been going through some updates behind the scenes, and it's almost time to share with you all. But first, some updates.

The site is going to get a very small facelift with some new merch and a new logo in the coming days. Nothing fancy.

More importantly, you may notice the roster of games shrink a little. Specifically, Frequent Flyer and Girl on the Train will no longer be supported by NWG, and will be removed from sale on most storefronts by April 1 2022.

The reason is simply quality. These games do not meet new quality thresholds I'm setting for myself. As a result, the next release Queerly Just Friends is going to be offered entirely free on all platforms.

Feel free to drop by the Discord or Patreon, as I'd love to chat and share more with you. Take care and chat soon!