About Us

I started my journey in New Westminster, BC. NewWestGames was born. And good lord did I ever learn a lot along the way, about myself, and about video games.

I failed forward, making mistake after mistake, blowing my big chance on the front page of the world's biggest game platform. I'd fail for years yet. I'd learn things about myself that I never knew, and bring up so many old memories.

I've gone through so many changes as a person and as a creator, it's crazy. What a transition. But now, here we are. A new day. Rezu Media. A name that shows exactly what we do - interactive media that focuses on queer content. Community created, and community focused.

You'll start seeing releases under this banner in the future, though there's still some support for the older parts of the catalogue, while we go ahead and remaster the games we did well, and just plain old do them better.

If you read this far, thanks! If you want to speak with me, go ahead and email info@rezu.media

Katie xx